Rarely do people change the world or create a small place in history. When a passionate and determined young Englishman named George Wyndham set out to make his mark in the early 1800s, he did just that. He pioneered Australian Shiraz.

Only weeks after arriving in Sydney with his new wife Margaret Jay, George bought land in the Hunter Valley, where he farmed and documented his life as a colonial settler.

His journal revealed the struggles of the time, with the potential for disaster on all fronts. Snakes, drought and disease were rife, but bushrangers posed an even greater threat, with many known to attack and kill people.

Determination to succeed saw George triumph over these challenges to establish his estate and start a family. Virtually every year, for the next 14 years, the couple extended their family.

George was father to 12 sons and two daughters.

In 1830, George reached a milestone when he planted Australia’s first commercial Shiraz vineyard. Certainly a man before his time, George could see the potential of the Shiraz variety in the dry and harsh conditions of the Hunter region. He created rich, robust wines which by 1860 were being enjoyed all around the world.

His legacy of crafting generous, full flavoured wines for people who live without compromise –much like George himself –is a proud one that continues to this day.

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